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From the previously presented objectives, various missions will be carried out by the members of L'Expédition Bleue during these 2 years.
  • Continuous collection of physico-chemical data throughout the expedition.

  • Conducting waste collection operations along coastlines with citizens and local organizations.

  • Characterization of the collected waste by material, including volume and weight.

  • Sampling of microplastics at sea using a Manta net.

  • Conducting awareness workshops on marine environmental protection, co-designed with teachers and held in 20 institutions.

  • Participating in public gatherings and engaging on social media platforms to promote ocean protection.

  • Sampling of ichthyoplankton (fish eggs and larvae) at the surface to identify and gain a better understanding of their distribution.

  • Surveying cetaceans through audio recordings to determine their distribution across the globe and gain insights into their communication.

In December 2022, the members of the association 'Blue Expedition' embarked on a two-year world tour aboard a 14-meter sailboat, which was purchased and renovated for this occasion. This expedition revolves around three main objectives:

  1. Enrich oceanographic research to equip public stakeholders on ocean pollution;

  2. Create enthusiasm around marine environmental protection;

  3. Contribute to the preservation of marine species.

Our missions
Rénovation du voilier
The expedition will be carried out aboard Wije-Blick II, a 14-meter sailboat built in 1985 and renovated for the occasion. The renovation of this sailboat, which took almost 3 years, was completed by the members of the expedition.
The sailboat
The route
The itinerary has been chosen to maximize the diversity of encountered ecosystems. Sample collections will be carried out in 3 oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian) and within the exclusive economic zones of 20 countries. However, this itinerary may evolve based on the needs of our scientific partners.
The crew
The sailors who will take the helm of this sailboat during the world tour of L'Expédition Bleue are the following four:
WhatsApp Image 2023-04-21 at 01.57_edited.jpg
The captain
As a sailboat instructor in search of herself, Aurélia aims to share her passion while raising awareness among the general public about ocean protection.
The science guy
Initiated by Les Glénans and eager to explore the oceans, Thibault aims to combine sailing and participatory research to contribute, on his own scale, to the understanding of ocean pollution.
The eco-warrior
As an apprentice skipper, Théophile wants to travel the world to better understand it and himself.
For him, it's a way to adopt a more coherent attitude with his environment and learn how to better preserve it.
The mechanic
As a water sports enthusiast and eager to explore the world, Vincent wants to show that in water activities, just like anywhere else, being eco-friendly means first adapting what we already have instead of buying new products.
Position du voilier

Where is L'Expédition Bleue ?

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